When I was an opinion editor, I worked with more than 800 community members to write guest columns (aka Op-Eds) for The Seattle Times. Here are a few of their columns.

“Is Amazon the bully or the hero?”
Amazon is the hero, Frank Schaeffer. Amazon is the bully, Nina Laden. This was packaged as a pro/con piece in print.

“This is not America’s first immigration crisis,” Daniel J. Evans
I recruited Republican Dan Evans to write about the Central American child refugee crisis because, as governor, he had welcomed the first Vietnamese refugees to America.

“Turn STEM into STEAM with arts education,” John Maeda
I had interviewed John, then president of the Rhode Island School of Design, once for a Microsoft story and I reached back out to recruit him to write for us about arts and education.

“A song for a city,” Prometheus Brown
This is a hip-hop Op-Ed, in song form, about a series of shootings in Seattle’s rich and poor neighborhoods.

“Count restaurant tips in minimum-wage debate,” Rich Fox
This was one of many Op-Eds we published about the $15 minimum wage. Seattle is leading the country on wage inequity and it was an issue The Seattle Times Opinion section owned.

“The most common question from young women engineers? What to wear,” Dianne Chong
A Boeing engineer wrote about the deep issues behind banal questions she hears from younger women.

“Avalanche of money makes mockery of political equity,” Robert W. McChesney and John Nichols
A compelling argument about how free and fair elections no longer exist in America.

“The case for missing school for the Seahawks Super Bowl parade,” Wilson Diehl
I recruited this writer from an arts nonprofit.

How Republicans need to change in Washington state,” Rob McKenna.
I reached out to a Republican who had just lost a governor’s race to reflect on why his party lost.