Check out a sample of my writing and reporting.

Column: “Why I am not having kids”
When my husband and I were deciding whether to have children I had no women to talk to who had decided not to have kids. I couldn’t tell whether the women without kids were in that situation for medical reasons or by choice. I wrote this column so other young women wouldn’t encounter the same vacuum of information.

Column: “The yellowface of ‘The Mikado’ in your face”
This column called out a Seattle production featuring all non-Asian actors in 40 Japanese roles. The column set off a national debate that was covered by MSNBC, NPR, CNN and the CBC.

Column: “Silence after Sikh shooting is deafening”
Excerpt: “We’ve got problems if the first reaction to the news of the shooting was, ‘Who are Sikhs?’ ”

Microsoft coverage: “Long antitrust saga ends for Microsoft”
As the company’s consent decree came to an end, I wrote a retrospective on one of the biggest monopoly wars in U.S. history.

Microsoft coverage: “Windows 7 uncertain big bet for Microsoft”
I covered the launch of Windows 7 when I covered Microsoft for The Seattle Times business section.

Microsoft coverage: “Microsoft designer makes a mouse that bends”
I did a series of profiles highlighting individuals at Microsoft doing inventive work. This was one, on a designer named Young Kim in Microsoft’s hardware group.

City Hall coverage: ” ‘One giant step for goatkind’: Seattle gives them pet status,”
This is one of my favorite ledes: “Thanks to the work of the Goat Justice League, ruminants now have the right to life and limited liberty in Seattle.”

City Hall coverage: “Sonics moving to Oklahoma City”
While covering city government, I broke the story that Seattle’s NBA franchise would move to Oklahoma.

Investigative series: “Dot Con Job”
I spent 18 months working with another Seattle Times reporter on a multipart series investigating accounting tricks and dubious deals at an Internet company once worth billions of dollars. To report this story, The Seattle Times sued to unseal court records, a case which went to the state Supreme Court, where The Times prevailed.

Business coverage: “Wizard of wireless faces a bad spell”
A profile of wireless pioneer Craig McCaw during the telecom crash in the early 2000s. This interview took a year of source-building to land.

Global coverage: Docomo’s quick ascent slows with new venture”
In 2002 (long before the iPhone) The Seattle Times sent me to Japan to write about how the country was leading the world on the mobile Web.